Packaging Options

Working directly with our customers to supply bespoke packaging solutions means that you literally get the fruit you need in the packaging you want.
Once you have decided what quantity of fruit you want you then have the option to tell us how to package the fruit – be it bag-in-box, in a wide mouth bottle, a pail, a jerrycan, a drum, an industrial bulk tanker or even on a bulk road tanker. SHIP ASSET PACKAGING are uniquely flexible and can supply in sizes from 5 litres to 24,000 litres. We even offer bespoke sizes to suit specific customer requirements, it’s your choice.

Working from our own facilities in Exeter, we package frozen, aseptic and chilled on-site, in sizes to suit your production needs. To find out a little more about each individual packaging option please click on the relevant link below.

Jerry can
Bulk road tanker

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